Lurbinectedin in BRCA 1/2 breast cancer

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Published: 10 Oct 2016
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Dr Judith Balmaña - Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), Barcelona, Spain

Dr Balmaña speaks with ecancer at ESMO 2016 about using lurbinectedin, a trabectidin analogue, in the treatment of breast cancer.

She describes its mechanism of action, aiming to use the resulting gene suppression and DNA damage selectively in tumour cells, and gives results of progression-free and overall survival among multiple patient cohorts.

Dr Balmaña outlines further research into the timing and exposure factors that may influence patient response to lurbinectedin, especially PARP inhibitors, and studies of its activity in other tumour sites.

Lurbinectedin was discussed further by Dr Cristina Cruz as a possible course of treatment in PARP inhibitor resistant patients.