Highlights of ESMO 2016

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Published: 10 Oct 2016
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Dr Andrés Cervantes - ESMO 2016 Scientific Chair

Dr Cervantes, Scientific Chair of ESMO 2016, summarises the breaking research presented, and gives his highlights of the conference.

He discusses the trials of immune checkpoint modulators in multiple tumour sites, especially the data on lung cancer presented in Sundays press conference, and the progression of some therapies to first-line indications.

Dr Cervantes also considers novel combinations of molecules and modalities, many of which synergise with or magnify the impact of immunotherapy, and reflects on cell cycle modulation through CDK pathways as opening outcomes for women with metastatic breast cancer.

Overall, Dr Cervantes describes the research from this years conference as changing the way cancer therapy develops for clinicians, and most importantly for patients.

For more on immunotherapy in lung cancer, watch interviews with Dr Martin Reck, Dr Corey Langer and Dr Fabrice Barlesi.

Other sites were discussed by Dr Arjun BalarDr Alexander Eggermont and Dr Matt Galskey.

For more on combination therapies, ecancer spoke with Dr Gabriel Hotobagyi, Dr Yung Jue Bang and Dr Julien Taïeb.

Novel molecules and modalities were the focus of research by Dr Karim Fizazi and Dr Jordi Rodón.

Cell cycle therapy was discussed by Dr Giorgio Scagliotti, and was the focus of an ecancer symposium, with footage coming soon.

For all these and more, you can follow ecancer coverage of ESMO 2016 here.

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