MyPathway guidance of targeted therapy based on molecular profiles

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Published: 6 Jun 2016
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Dr John Hainsworth - Sarah Cannon Research Institute, Nashville, USA

Dr Hainsworth speaks with ecancertv at ASCO 2016 about MyPathway, a phase IIa study evaluating agents targeting BRAF, HER2, Hh and EGFR pathways in irregular tumour sites.

Many mutations are related with specific tumours in specific sites, such as BRCA in breast and ovarian cancer, however there are incidences of these mutations occurring in atypical primary lesions. 

Dr Hainsworth reports on the impact of molecular profiling in determining these occurrences, and moving forwards with their targeted treatment.

Further enrolment across all tumour types assessed is ongoing.

For more information, you can watch the announcement of results at the ASCO Precision Medicine session here.