Treating relapsed brain tumours with anti-angiogenic metronomic therapy

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Published: 8 Feb 2016
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Dr Irene Slavc - Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Dr Slavc talks to ecancertv at Children with Cancer UK’s workshop on Drug Delivery in Paediatric Brain Tumours in London, UK.

In the interview she discusses the use of metronomic anti-angiogenic therapy in patients with relapsed brain tumours.

Together with colleagues in Boston and several other European centres, Dr Slav is conducting a trial in children and young adolescents who have relapsed medulloblastoma.

These patients have a very poor prognosis even when treated with conventional chemotherapy, high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue, irradiation or combinations of all these approaches.

The novel treatment regimen being tested in the trial consists of biweekly intravenous bevacizumab in combination with five oral drugs (thalidomide, celecoxib, fenofibrate, and alternating cycles of daily low-dose oral etoposide and cyclophosphamide).

This is augmented with alternating courses of intrathecal etoposide and liposomal cytarabine.