Pancreatic cancer surgery

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Published: 24 Nov 2015
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Dr Masaru Miyazaki - Chiba University, Chiba, Japan

Dr Miyazaki talks to ecancertv at the XII Congress on Surgical Oncology in Salvador de Bahia, about his talk on pancreatic cancer and the different surgical techniques utilised.


XII Congress Brazilian Society of Surgery Oncology

Pancreatic cancer surgery

Dr Masaru Miyazaki - Chiba University, Chiba, Japan

Combined vascular resection, does it work or not for pancreatic cancer prognosis. Because most of the patients involving the pancreatic artery are diagnosed as undissectable but if we change to resect that kind of so aggressive, so advanced, pancreas cancer with combined vascular resection, especially combined arterial resection, it improves the patient’s prognosis by that kind of aggressive surgical strategy.

What were the results?

Patients with advanced pancreas cancer have to be carefully selected to be a good candidate for aggressive pancreas cancer surgery. But we select very carefully, in some patients that kind of aggressive surgery brings about a beneficial effect on the prognosis. That is a very important point. We could not give up such good treatment because such good treatment is the only hope of cure for the patient with pancreas cancer.

How do you see this congress in Brazil?

A very nice Brazilian Society meeting, it’s very happy. For me it’s the first time to visit Brazil; it’s very nice. So most of the experts gather and discuss the same thing, it’s a very important thing. But some people, Brazilian doctors, speak Portuguese, it’s very hard to understand but simultaneous translation could be very helpful for me to understand.