Discussion: Additional treatment options impact first-line treatment of mRCC

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Published: 23 Sep 2014
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Dr Thomas Hutson; Prof Stéphan Oudard; Prof Patrick Schöffski; Dr Ignacio Durán

The panel discusses points raised by Prof Oudard and Prof Schöffski in their earlier presentations at EIKCS 2014.

Among others, questions such as "What criteria should be used when selecting first-line treatment and/or when assessing which treatment is appropriate?", "Should the drug’s adverse event profile and the patient’s quality of life also be considered?" and "Do we need more first-line agents and/or more decision tools to enhance the success of individualised treatment to extend the benefits of treatment to all patient subgroups?" will be considered.

GlaxoSmithKline fully provided for the costs of this symposium, honoraria for the chairs & speakers and provided input into the symposium agenda/content.