Mechanisms of action and robotics in mCRPC

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Published: 21 Mar 2014
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Dr Anthony Ng Chi-Fai - University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Dr Anthony Ng Chi-Fai from the University of Hong Kong speaks to ecancer from the Academy for Cancer Education (ACE) 3rd Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference (APPCC) in Shanghai. 

He first outlines the various mechanisms of action of the drugs currently used in mCRPC post-chemotherapy, explaining the various pathways that are being influenced by different agents. He then goes on to discuss the mechanisms of action of newer drugs being explored, e.g. TAK-700. Dr Chi-Fai also outlines the design and aims of a new study with enzalutamide.

He then focuses on the new radium class of therapies; how they work, in whom they might be used and how they might benefit patient care. Dr Chi-Fai comments on the sequencing of therapies, and how decisions on this can be made.

Finally, Dr Chi-Fai comments on which patients might benefit from robotic surgery, and what advances are currently being made in this regard.

This video is sponsored by an educational grant from Janssen Asia Pacific, pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson