Oncotype DX: changing breast cancer treatment

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Published: 19 Dec 2013
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Dr Norman Wolmark - National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project, Pittsburgh, USA

Dr Norman Wolmark speaks to ecancer from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference (SABCS) about the Oncotype DX assay. Describing it as an important advance in the armamentarium to treat breast cancer, he notes the 10th anniversary of the initial data that led to the process for recognising the value of Oncotype DX, and outlines the history of the test

Dr Wolmark reviews how Oncotype DX has changed the standard of care. He also outlines how genomic therapy benefits patients, and how it should be used; this includes outlining the drop in chemotherapy as a test of Oncotype DX assay use.

Dr Wolmark talks about the various on-going studies with Oncotype DX that are looking to review its potential use in a wider cohort of patients.

Finally, he summarises the dramatic impact that the Oncotype DX assay has had on breast cancer management, and notes research into the next generation of assays to continue to make progress in the understanding of breast cancer treatment.


This programme has been supported by sponsorship from Genomic Health.