Signaling and targeting cellular pathways in leukaemia metabolism

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Published: 26 Jun 2012
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Dr Jing Chen – Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA

Dr Jing Chen talks to ecancer at the 17th European Haematology Association Congress in Amsterdam about tyrosine phosphorylation and cell metabolism in leukaemia.


Understanding how cancer changes the cellular metabolism and how leukaemia cells generate ATP energy is still in its early stage, though it is known that tyrosine phosphorylation occurs because of the cancer.


The most important work done now is to understand how post-translational modification would change properties at the cellular level and the identification and understanding of critical players in cellular pathways, allowing for use as therapeutic targets.


Dr Chen discusses PK-2, which is the most important enzyme as it controls speed of glycolosis, and LDH, which have already been identified as important therapeutic targets.


Filming supported by Amgen