Prevention through health education and immunisation

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Published: 10 May 2012
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Esther Green – International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care

ecancertv talks to Esther Green of the ISNCC at the European Oncology Nursing Society annual meeting in Geneva about the need to increase international awareness of cancer prevention.


The main focus areas in prevention are health education, good health promotion strategies, and teaching a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Things like alcohol abuse, obesity and lifestyle issues are linked closely to many chronic diseases, especially cancer. However, Ms Green states that government and industry are not listening to the messages of patients and doctors.


Tobacco control has increased in North America and has begun in Europe, but a larger problem is education on diet and the detriments of fast food. The main goal in this program is to teach clinicians how to educate patients about these lifestyle choices.


In addition, Ms Green talks about the shift in focus from treating cancer to early screening and immunisation.


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