Advances in T cell lymphoma treatment

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Published: 16 Nov 2011
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Dr Francine Foss, Prof Pier Luigi Zinzani, Prof Bertrand Coiffier, Dr Claire Dearden

Meeting at 9th International Workshop for Lymphoma in Edinburgh, Scotland, the members of the T Cell Lymphoma session discuss the advances in cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma. Dr Foss leads the discussion on the best first line regiment against lymphoma, a standard first line therapy, current clinical trials and newly approved drugs.

Prof Zinzani talks about the new agent in the phase 2 trial, POPAL, which was presented at the 2010 ASH meeting. Prof Coiffier summarises data on romidepsin, recently approved by the FDA in the United States, which was presented during the workshop. There is currently a phase 2 trial on going for this drug.

Lastly, Dr Dearden talks about her work with the rare type of prolymphocytic leukaemia and approaches to treatment. Often treatment with traditional chemotherapy is ineffective with this rare disease, but intravenous use of lintuzumab has yielded high response rates. Response in front line treatment has been over 90%, with over 80% complete response; however, this effective, but not curative as relapse is quite common.