Pembrolizumab combined with xelox and bevacizumab shows higher efficacy than standard therapeutic regimen in mCRC

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Published: 9 Jul 2024
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Prof David Tougeron - Poitiers University Hospital, Poitiers, France

Prof David Tougeron talks to ecancer about his POCHI trial.

The POCHI trial evaluates Pembrolizumab combined with CAPOX and bevacizumab in treating unresectable pMMR/MSS mCRC patients with high immune infiltrate.

Out of 182 patients screened, 28 met the inclusion criteria.

Preliminary results show a high disease control rate of 96%, with 21% achieving complete response and 54% partial response.

The median duration of response was 10 months, and 68% had progression-free survival at 12 months.

The treatment demonstrated a good safety profile, with 64% experiencing grade 3-4 adverse events, and no treatment-related deaths.

These findings support further investigation in a phase III trial.