Addition of atezolizumab to chemotherapy after surgery does not improve survival for triple negative breast cancer

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Published: 26 Apr 2024
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Dr Heather McArthur - UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

Dr Heather McArthur speaks to ecancer about the final analysis of the ALEXANDRA/IMpassion030 phase 3 trial. The ALEXANDRA/IMpassion030 trial was conducted to study the effect of atezolizumab, a cancer drug, on patients suffering from triple-negative breast cancer.

The trial included patients from 31 countries who had undergone surgery to remove their cancer.

Half of the patients were randomly assigned to be treated with chemotherapy along with atezolizumab, while the other half received only chemotherapy.

The researchers observed that there was no significant improvement in the survival rate and cancer-free duration of patients who were treated with atezolizumab after surgery compared to those who were not treated with the drug.