Exercise positively effects symptom burden and quality of life of metastatic breast cancer patients

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Published: 25 Mar 2024
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Dr Anouk Hiensch - UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr Anouk Hiensch speaks to ecancer about the PREFERABLE-EFFECT study which investigates the impact exercise has on pain, tiredness and quality of life for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

In this study, one cohort of patients took part in a 9-month exercise program in addition to usual care and the other group received usual care only. The patients in both groups were encouraged to be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day and given activity trackers.

The study found that patients who participated in the exercise program experienced less fatigue and an improved quality of life.

The researchers observed that the exercise program was beneficial for patients of all ages, but female patients under the age of 50 and those who experienced pain at the start of the study showed the greatest improvement.

Based on these findings, supervised exercise is recommended for all patients with metastatic breast cancer.