Selpercatinib benefit, with or without pembro, in first-line advanced RET fusion-positive NSCLC

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Published: 23 Oct 2023
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Dr Herbert Ho Fung Loong - The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr Herbert Ho Fung Loong speaks to ecancer about a randomised phase III study of first-line selpercatinib versus chemotherapy and pembrolizumab in RET fusion-positive NSCLC.

Selpercatinib is a highly selective and potent, brain penetrant RET inhibitor, approved for the treatment of advanced RET fusion-positive (RET+) NSCLC. The study investigated the use of first-line selpercatinib for the treatment of RET fusion-positive NSCLC.

The results demonstrated superior progression-free survival with a targeted therapy compared to chemotherapy and pembrolizumab. Dr Loong notes that these results support comprehensive genomic testing at diagnosis and treatment with first-line selpercatinib in patients with advanced RET+ NSCLC.