Tackling financial toxicity in Chile

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Published: 17 Apr 2023
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Dr Nicolas Yanez - Clínica Alemana Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile

Dr Nicolas Yanez speaks to ecancer about the strategy of the "comisión de Drogas de alto costo".

This was implemented in Chile two years ago through Ministerio de Salu y el Departmento de Caáncer.

Dr Yanez's presentation contained a general discussion on the different aspects of financial toxicity and how the proposal of "Comisón de drogas de alto costo" was initiated and what it's achieved so far.

Dr Yanez also discusses the challenges for the future and how to overcome them.

He concludes by giving some advice to his colleagues from his own clinical experience.

This programme has been supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer.