Complementary and alternative medicine for cancer in the Philippines

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Published: 4 Apr 2023
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Dr Ann Meredith Garcia-Trinidad - Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital, Dagupan City, Philippines

Dr Ann Meredith Garcia-Trinidad speaks to ecancer about complementary and alternative medicine in cancer care which she says is quite common and popular in the Philippines.

This can be an issue however due to misinformation or the fact that alternative medicine can sometimes interfere with the success of cancer treatment. It is important to educate doctors and patients on the benefits and drawbacks of alternative medicine and also clinicians should choose which complementary medicines can work in synergy with cancer treatment and which cannot.

Dr Garcia-Trinidad highlights that having a discussion on the use of complementary medicines with their patients is important for clinicians.

She also talks about what the future looks like for cancer care in the Philippines and concludes with her thoughts on the Choosing Wisely Philippines conference.