HER-Vaxx is safe and provides clinical benefit over standard of care chemo for patients with HER2-overexpressing gastric cancer

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Published: 25 Jan 2023
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Dr Tanuj Chawla and Dr Giovanni Selvaggi

Dr Tanuj Chawla and Dr Giovanni Selvaggi speak to ecancer as part of ASCO GI 2023 on the overall survival analysis of the HERIZON study.

The study evaluated the use of the HER-Vaxx (IMU-131), a HER2-targeting peptide vaccine, plus standard of care chemotherapy in patients with HER2-overexpressing metastatic or advanced gastric/GEJ adenocarcinoma.

Dr Chawla and Dr Selvaggi explain the background of the trial before talking though the trial design.

Dr Chawla reports that the study was able to achieve 5 months better survival with the vaccine arm as compared to chemotherapy.