The concept of pan-tumour therapeutics

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Published: 7 Dec 2022
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Dr Benedikt Westphalen - Comprehensive Cancer Center München, Munich, Germany

Dr Benedikt Westphalen speaks to ecancer about the concept of pan-tumour therapeutics.

He explains the concept of precision oncology, highlighting that nowadays, personalised treatment is largely based on genomic biomarkers.

Dr Westphalen further talks about the use of pembrolizumab in dMMR/MSI and TMB-high cancers.

NTRK fusions are found in diverse cancer histologies but at a very low frequency mostly. There are drugs that are now available to target these fusions on cancers where their frequency is clinically meaningful.

In conclusion, the landscape of molecular insights and molecular-guided therapeutics is rapidly evolving and post-approval data collection is key to understanding long-term efficacy and safety across cancers.


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