Topics under discussion at the WCLC 2022 presidential symposium

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Published: 9 Aug 2022
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Dr Enriqueta Felip - Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Dr Enriqueta Felip talks to ecancer about the topics that were under discussion at the WCLC 2022 presidential symposium.

Dr Felip says that there was an analysis on screening and tobacco cessation which is really important since tobacco usage causes 85% of lung cancers.

At the symposium other topics under discussion were; better screening technologies especially for smokers, and less aggressive neoadjuvant and surgical techniques. Blood analysis and circulating tumour cells were also discussed.

Even perhaps to discuss the Presidential Symposium, we have started with one analysis of screening and also tobacco cessation is really important. This message is important, that tobacco is the reason for 85% of lung cancer, so it’s important to stop. Screening, we need to work also in screening technologies even in a smoker population. Also we have discussed these studies with neoadjuvant immunotherapy, with adjuvant strategies and also with surgical techniques probably less aggressive.

So this is what we have discussed in the Presidential but also the future of early stage disease would be the analysis of circulating tumour DNA. Blood analysis determinations with technologies, with new technologies, in order to detect the minimal residual disease in the group of patients and, again, trying to treat those patients with high risk of relapse.