Biomedicine and the soul

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Published: 28 Apr 2022
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Dr Gary Rodin - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada

Dr Gary Rodin speaks about ecancer’s special issue on biomedicine and the soul. This Special Issue is based on the Palliative Care, Culture and the Clinic Symposium, held in January 2021.

Initially, he explains the objective of this issue which is to optimise the balance between biomedicine and the medicine for the soul. Dr Rodin discusses the social cultural and psychological aspects of cancer care and the stigma within this medical profession.

He talks about how the stigmas attached to end of life care can be overcome and emphasises on community ownership of palliative care. He mentions some of the papers in this issue that cover such sensitive topics. Dr Rodin says that there are issues of culture in the delivery of end of life care and also the method in which end of life care should be given. The issue also covers to what extent has western models of palliative care been imposed unilaterally all over the world.

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