The Lancet Commission on women and cancer

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Published: 3 Dec 2021
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Prof Richard Sullivan - Kings College London, London, UK & Prof Ophira Ginsburg - International Agency for Research on Cancer, New York, USA

Prof Richard Sullivan (Kings College London, London, UK) and Prof Ophira Ginsburg (International Agency for Research on Cancer, New York, USA) discuss Prof Ginsburg's new commission, The Lancet Commission on women and cancer.

They begin by discussing the background and recent history that led up to this important commission. About 5 years previously Prof Ginsburg, along with other fellow medical professionals, including Prof Sullivan, worked on a 3 part series "Health, equity, and women's cancers" that drew attention to why so many women have been experiencing and dying of breast and cervical cancers.

The series highlighted the gross inequities, globally, for women seeking healthcare for cancer and for opportunities to prevent cancer.

The questions that were asked through this series, along with Prof Ana Langer's "The Lancet Commission on women and health" led to the conception of this series.

Prof Ginsburg then goes on to discuss the commission in more detail. Stating that it will be published on March 8th 2023, on International Women's Day. She says that the commission's remit is to take an intersectional feminist approach to cancer, focusing on social inequalities that impact cancer risk and cancer outcomes for everybody.

Prof Sullivan concludes by asking Prof Ginsburg to talk about reflections on where she thinks women's health and cancers are heading in a "post-COVID-pandemic world" and what she sees as the major challenges ahead in 2022, 2023, and further afield, for women with cancer.