Rescue after daratumumab failure

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Published: 26 Oct 2021
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Prof Joseph Mikhael - Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Phoenix, USA

Prof Joseph Mikhael talks to ecancer following his MyKE Myeloma 2021 presentation.

He begins by stating that over the past several years we have become quite familiar with new forms of immunotherapy in multiple myeloma, primarily with monoclonal antibodies. Daratumumab being the first, which has been used as a single agent and in combination for many years.

Prof Mikhael then goes on to talk about the use of a more recent monoclonal antibody, Isatuximab. And brings up common questions such as should one be used over the other, what are the pragmatic differences between them and how do you sequence them.

He concludes by answering a question that comes up a lot with CD38 antibodies, which is, can they be reused or can you switch from one to another. He says he learned, based on his recent publishings looking at this exact question, you can't really rescue one with the other. Meaning that you can't expect one to overcome the resistance of another.