Nivolumab plus chemotherapy or ipilimumab vs chemotherapy as first-line treatment for gastric cancers

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Published: 14 Oct 2021
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Dr Yelena Janjigian - Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, New York, USA

Dr Yelena Janjigian speaks to cancer about the CheckMate 649 study. This study investigated nivolumab (NIVO) plus chemotherapy (Chemo) or ipilimumab (IPI) vs chemo as first-line (1L) treatment for advanced gastric cancer/gastroesophageal junction cancer/oesophageal adenocarcinoma.

Initially, she explains the background and the design of the study. Dr Janjigian then discusses the results of the study and what impact it can have on the future treatment of gastric cancers.

She concludes by mentioning that NIVO + chemo continued to demonstrate clinically meaningful long-term survival benefit vs chemo and an acceptable safety profile with additional follow-up, further supporting its use as a new standard 1L treatment in patients with advanced GC/GEJC/EAC.

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