75 experts in international call for global cancer control

1 Oct 2008

Cancer specialists from around the world drive for global control of cancer

An editorial in this month’s Annals of Oncology has called for the world’s growing cancer burden to be addressed.

The authors highlight the World Health Organisation’s recent ‘Resolution on Cancer Control’ (WHA58.22) stating that its strong impetus for action must be capitalised by governments worldwide to develop programs aimed at the reduction of cancer incidence and mortality.

They also note the gap in attention given to cancer compared to AIDS, TB and malaria, despite cancer killing more than all three combined.

The editorial states:

“Priorities need to be realistic and achievable and prevention must be at the core. Depending on resources and competing health priorities, all steps must be taken to prevent those cancers which are avoidable; to treat those cancers which are treatable; to cure those cancers which are curable; and to provide palliation to those patients who need palliative and supportive care whenever this is needed in the disease trajectory.

Prevention of developing cancer; prevention of death in patients with cancer; and prevention of physical and psychological suffering, to the largest extent possible, are the essentials.

The necessity for cancer control and capacity building in countriesof limited resources is evident and urgent as is the need to have an equivalent to an MDG to reinforce the importance of Cancer and Cancer Control in countries of all resource settings.”



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