VIBevents Validating Biomarkers for Effective Drug Development Conference 2008

11 Nov 2008

Implementing biomarkers for faster, more accurate and efficient clinical trials.

Biomarkers represent the future of drug development with analysts predicting growth in the market from an estimated $5.6bn in 2007 to $12.8bn by 2012, a massive compound average growth rate of 18 percent. The discovery and effective use of new biomarkers is expected to benefit each stage of the R&D process, from accelerating decision making to improving accuracy of clinical trials and minimising waste of resources.

Whilst the companies taking advantage and making best use of biomarkers are already harvesting the rewards, the use of biomarkers remains relatively restricted. However as the guidelines are reviewed and the regulatory bodies discuss their use, the true value biomarkers represent to the pharma industry will be realised and companies must be positioned to integrate them into their research and development strategies.

VIBpharma’s ‘Validating Biomarkers for Effective Drug Development’ conference, to be held on 2-3 December 2008 in Munich, Germany, will discuss key issues related to each aspect of biomarkers. From discovery through to validation and related technology, all the issues facing the industry today will be tackled enabling companies to harness the benefits biomarkers bring and capitalise on the industry growth.

Case study based presentations and interactive sessions will be delivered by industry leaders. They will discuss many issues such as:
- Biomarker applications in oncology clinical development - addressing challenges and opportunities in developing novel cancer therapeutics, verifying their impact and increasing predictability.
- The current status of toxicology biomarkers in drug development – their use as early predictors of adverse effects related to chronic drug exposures, and identifying current barriers to further development.
- Examining difficulties in biomarker assay validation, identifying validation strategies, deploying best practices and discussing the challenges that remain.

Spaces are limited so register now to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to share your experiences and quiz leading industry experts! Visit for further details and to register.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues in Munich!