VIBevents Clinical Trials Oncology Conference 2008

23 Jul 2008

How can we improve clinical trials in oncology?


With cancer clinical studies in oncology being more complex than for other therapeutic areas and the continuing differentiation into various cancer subtypes causes logistical but also research and development challenges. With 3,000 people dying of cancer every day within the EU, more anti-cancer drugs are being tested than ever before. The oncology market is currently valued at $34 billion/year and is expected to top $55 billion in 2009. While big pharma is investing up to 20% of its annual research and development budget on the development of cancer treatments, the cancer treatment market is changing with a growing number of cancer subtypes and therefore newer targeted therapies and more complex clinical trials.

This involves challenges in recruiting patients, operational and design issues with global studies, new pharmacogenomics approaches and questions surrounding biomarkers. Oncology researchers need to rethink their clinical development planning strategies in order to ensure that clinical trials are conducted safely, efficiently and in accordance with safety standards and regulations.

VIBevents’ Clinical Trials in Oncology event being held on 11th and 12th November in Berlin aims to establish solutions to both developmental and organisational issues. Through case study driven presentations from leading pharma manufacturers and a series of interactive roundtable discussions, this event will provide best practice solutions to help you comply with existing and upcoming challenges in the market.

Topics to be covered will include identifying practical approaches to carrying out global clinical trials, biotech’s approach to early clinical development in oncology, post-authorisation safety surveillance studies, non interventional trials and much more.

Our conference features a number of interactive roundtable discussions focusing on the latest issues surrounding clinical trials in oncology. Issues addressed cover, strategies for ensuring efficient cooperation between all stakeholders in a global clinical trial, identifying metrics to measure performance in global oncology trials, debating translational medicine, clarifying the best patient recruitment strategies, analysing the most important issues of designing a cancer clinical trial and assessing how to establish cancer clinical trial endpoint: imaging and biomarker issues.

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