The UK Department of Health and medical charities publish guidelines on research funding

8 May 2012
The UK Department of Health and medical charities publish guidelines on research funding

New guidelines that establish how the Department of Health (DH) supports charity-funded research in the NHS have been published.


The guidelines, 'Attributing the Costs of Health and Social Care Research & Development' (AcoRD) have been developed by the DH and the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).


They recognise the unique contribution that medical research charities make to high-quality NHS research.


During 2009/10, 37 per cent of NHS clinical studies were supported with money from AMRC members. And more than £1 billion is spent on research annually by charities.


Dr Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK chief executive, said: "Today's announcement recognises the vital contribution that charities like Cancer Research UK make towards funding medical research in the UK. As a charity, we fund the majority of NHS cancer trials - research that is driving forward huge progress and saving lives from cancer.


"This vital work wouldn't be possible without the huge generosity of our supporters and, by working in partnership with the Department of Health, we can ensure we continue to make the best possible use of their donations."


Sharmila Nebhrajani, AMRC's chief executive, said the majority of people back the idea of the NHS supporting charity-funded research.


"We welcome the helpful approach of the Department of Health in developing AcoRD, which does just that," she added.


"This Department of Health support will maximise the investment of charity funds in NHS research so that the money goes directly towards funding research that leads to better health outcomes for patients."


The Health and Social Care Act 2012 is designed to ensure that health research remains a key area of focus within the NHS.


Source: CRUK