ecancermedicalscience indexed in PubMed

1 Feb 2012
ecancermedicalscience indexed in PubMed

ecancer is happy to announce that its open access journal ecancermedicalscience is now indexed in PubMed and PubMed Central.

All articles since launch now appear, and all future articles will also benefit from indexing.

ecancermedicalscience is the first gold open access peer-reviewed comprehensive cancer journal on PubMed, with no author or submission fees.

PubMed is an electronic archive of journal articles, offering free access to its contents. To be included, journals must qualify on two levels: On the scientific and editorial quality of the content, and on the technical quality of the digital files.

It's the place to start searching for information in the biomedical journal literature; a bibliographic database made up of the citations and abstracts of millions of articles from almost 5,000 journals.

Founding Editor Prof Umberto Veronesi commented: "I am very proud that our IEO journal has been accepted by PubMed. ecancermedicalscience was designed to be different because to be effective globally it had to be free.

We are delighted to have over 40,000 unique visitors coming to the journal each month from 190 countries.

Cancer is a problem in developing as well as developed countries so ecancermedicalscience meets the needs of all oncologists irrespective of wealth."

ecancermedicalscience is already fully-indexed in other leading databases, including Embase, Scopus, EBSCO and Google Scholar, so any article published will be highly accessible to other researchers in the field. Authors retain the copyright of their articles so are free to distribute them as they wish.