Amanda Holden backs charity campaign song for cancer care in war zones

15 Sep 2023
Amanda Holden backs charity campaign song  for cancer care in war zones

Musicians from across the world have today (Thursday) released a new single as part of a campaign to support those in need of cancer care in war zones. Sudanese and Ukrainian singers are joined on the single by double platinum English singer-songwriter, Newton Faulkner, Jasmine Foxall (a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and producer), and British rapper Blackk Chronical.

Donations from the single titled More Than Fairy Tales will be used to contribute to funding cancer care in war-torn Ukraine and Sudan. Money raised will go to the Challenge Fund, who will direct the funds to organisations working on the ground with those affected by cancer in Ukraine and Sudan. Backing the London Global Cancer Week campaign, Amanda Holden, broadcaster, actor and singer, said: “We have all been affected by cancer, whether it be a family member, friend or ourselves. In the UK we rely on the amazing work of the NHS and healthcare workers to diagnose and treat this disease that causes so much pain but many do not have access to this level of healthcare.”

“I hope this important work to support those in need in Ukraine, Sudan and beyond can be replicated across the world and help provide much-needed support.” Over two billion of the world's population live in countries where there is conflict. In these areas healthcare infrastructure is often significantly impacted with entire hospitals destroyed, supply chains broken, and key healthcare workers displaced. There have been over 700 recorded attacks on health facilities and workers in the year following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Before the current wars began, the UN estimated 84,194 cancer deaths annually in Ukraine, with 17,055 in Sudan. The ongoing conflicts are set to increase the cancer mortality rate of both nations, amid mounting evidence that individuals affected by armed conflicts are more likely to develop cancer.

Susannah Stanway, London Global Cancer Week co-founder, an oncologist, and executive producer of the song said: “War demolishes health systems. In Ukraine hospitals where cancer patients are being treated have been deliberately targeted. These are so easy to destroy and so challenging to
build up again.

“Meanwhile, cancer is now a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly one in six deaths, mainly in low- and middle-income countries. “Funds are urgently needed now to support people affected by cancer in countries in conflict and to support post-conflict reconstruction of cancer services.” In July, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement that violence and “shortages of supplies, damage or occupation of facilities and assaults on medical staff” are having a devastating impact on people’s lives and on their ability to access health care.

Professor Parosha Chandran, multi-award- winning human rights barrister at One Pump Court Chambers, Professor of Practice in Modern Slavery Law at King’s College London and a United Nations recognised expert on human trafficking added: “This haunting, beautiful song and its message stays long in the mind, reminding us to stand up and care for those who may have no one to protect them and to use our power and
voices to speak on their behalf. Give cancer care in conflict zones; save lives.” “This vital campaign shines crucial light on the forgotten need for cancer care in times of war, conflict and environmental disaster. I give my full support to it as someone who has lost a parent to cancer, and who personally knows the tragic cost of undiagnosed illnesses that cancer can cause.”

More Than Fairy Tales can be downloaded on Apple Music for £2, and donations can be made via Just Giving. The song is written by established songwriter Joni Fuller, formerly a candidate for Junior Eurovision and has been re-worked by Beth Goode, Jasmine Foxall, Johnathan Hucks and
Ciaran O’Fathaigh and others. London Global Cancer Week thanks the volunteers who contributed their time and resources to help produce the record, including:

  •  the above-mentioned contributors;
  • Executive Producer Mizan Rahman,
  • Sudanese artists Mo Shabaka, Ahmed Abdorahman, & Abubaker Abureda,
  • Ukrainian group DZVIN.CO,
  • Law firm Reed Smith,
  • PR agency Higginson Strategy
  • 3B1G Records.

A complete list of contributors is available on the London Global Cancer Week website.

Source: London Global Cancer Week