Towards equity in health care: Institute for Global Health Equity Research launched

8 Nov 2022
Towards equity in health care: Institute for Global Health Equity Research launched

A significant step towards equity in health care was taken at the end of this October at Harvard, with the launch of the Institute for Global Health Equity Research (IGHER) at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Rwanda.

The University, an initiative of the Partners in Health (PIH) organisation, is training future health professionals in a rural environment.

Its clinical facility is Butaro Hospital, which hosts the only chemotherapy center in the country.

At the launch, a $25 million pledge to IGHER from the Weiss Asset Management Foundation and associated donors was announced.

The money, to be provided over the next 25 years, will serve to developing a powerful research hub, which will offer support for African healthcare research, clinical trials, personalised medicine and digital applications in health. 

Professor Cristina Stefan, the Director of the Institute, expressed her gratitude for the generous donation.

She stated that among other projects, a large share of the Institute’s research will be directed towards innovative approaches to cancer prevention, detection and management, specifically designed to address the needs of the most underserved populations.

IGHER will seek avenues for collaboration with Mass General Brigham and other prominent healthcare institutions, to leverage the experience and skills of their leading researchers in collaborative projects with African colleagues, while addressing major health issues.

At the same time, opportunities will be created for overseas researchers to share their knowledge within the frame of training programs for young researchers organised by the Institute.

PIH has a well-known tradition of bold healthcare interventions, pioneering treatments for HIV-AIDS, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and supporting cancer therapy at times and in places where most other medical authorities and political decision-makers were sceptical.

IGHER has the potential to spearhead the research in similar areas and offer the evidence required for action.

Prof Dr Cristina Stefan is inviting fellows, researchers, professors, scientists, students, to collaborate with the institute advancing science and discovery while creating powerful networks of impactful research.

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Source: Institute of Global Health Equity Research