Why breast density matters

9 Feb 2022
Why breast density matters

By Cheryl Cruwys, Founder, Breast Density Matters UK

In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My story is one of early detection and a positive health outcome. I live in France, just after my 50th birthday, I was invited for my first ever mammogram. The radiologist announced it was ‘normal’; no abnormalities, but a decision was made to carry out an ultrasound as there was an area of dense tissue (dense tissue can obscure cancers). A few moments later, the ultrasound examination showed an area of concern that was not seen on mammography. The following week a biopsy confirmed a small 8mm invasive cancerous tumour. After a lumpectomy, I received six weeks of radiotherapy. My tumour was detected early. I did not need a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, or chemotherapy. 

Two days after my operation, I formed Breast Density Matter UK, a patient advocacy group with the aim to educate women about the implications of dense breasts. Our work has now progressed, disseminating medically-sourced resources to healthcare professionals and medical organisations.   

Breast Density Matters UK’s goal aligns with ecancer’s mission – to raise the standards of care for cancer patients across the world through education. Breast cancer education can equip patients with knowledge that encourages informed conversations and promotes shared decision making. 

Our belief is that ‘knowledge is power’. ecancer is an invaluable cancer educational resource for both healthcare professionals and patients. 

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