Journeys - a photo essay

13 Jan 2022
Journeys - a photo essay

Author: Soumitra Datta, Senior Consultant, Kolkata Medical Centre.

The world is going through a pandemic and the journey so far has been difficult for many.

Soumitra S. Datta, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata and Carlo Caduff, Kings College London, conducted
ethnographic research on the journey of cancer patients just before the pandemic. They conceptualized
a separate but complementary photographic project with help from Soumyendra Saha, award
winning street photographer. The photographs depicted the patients’ journeys from their home to
the hospital, their psychological journeys and also the journeys of the healthcare workers.

We hope the pictures will build a bridge between science and art, technology and emotion, and human suffering and hope to be able to portray the emotions of patients and healthcare workers beyond the four walls of clinics and operating rooms.

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