Highlights from the 16th St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference

25 Apr 2019

By Monique Biryiana

The 16th International Breast Cancer Conference was held in Vienna, Austria from the 20th – 23rd March 2019 and attracted more than 3000 attendees this year.

The major aims of this year’s conference were to incorporate the most recent results and developments in breast cancer research; in order to determine the best treatment and preventative methods for current breast cancer patients.

This included an analytical review of “state-of-the-art” approaches for the primary care of breast cancer; along with presentations that focused on providing personalised treatments for patients with early stage disease.

Highlights from the conference included the recognition of Monica Marrow’s (Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, USA) exceptional contribution to practice development in breast cancer, in which she was awarded the St. Gallen Breast Cancer Award.

Additionally, the Umberto Veronesi Memorial Award was awarded to Lisa Fallowfield (Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK) for her contribution to the development of patient outcomes, improved communication and quality of life for patients.

Both winners delivered fascinating presentations on breast cancer treatments, from both a surgical and personalised perspective.

The full report from the conference can be accessed here

Image credit: St Gallen Oncology Conferences