Mobile app could help reduce cancer-related fatigue

15 Feb 2019
Mobile app could help reduce cancer-related fatigue

Tired of Cancer B.V. has launched its research study into the effectiveness of the Untire mobile app and reducing cancer-related fatigue (CRF), the most common side effect of cancer.

Further details of this mobile app can be found in an editorial published by ecancermedicalscience.

Almost 40% of all cancer patients and survivors suffer from enduring and severe fatigue.

Untire is developed to reduce the fatigue and to improve quality of life by offering a mobile self-management program.

Through the Untire app, patients will obtain insight into their own thoughts, emotions and behaviour,  related to their fatigue.

This allows them to identify factors that cause and maintain their unique vicious circle of cancer-related fatigue allowing them to adjust their behaviours leading to improvement of energy levels and quality of life.

“CRF is a very serious side-effect, however, both patients and doctors tend not to talk about it. One of the reasons is that there was no concrete solution for CRF available. Now there is,” said Tired of Cancer co-founder, Ms Door Vonk, MA.

The research will aim to: 

1) Evaluate the Untire app and its impact on fatigue and quality of life of cancer patients and survivors at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

2) Implement a provider support guide to stimulate dialogue between CRF patients and healthcare providers in the context of blended care.

According to Tired of Cancer CEO and Co-Founder, Dr Bram Kuiper, “Our aim is to help healthcare providers address CRF, support them with a concrete, digital solution and give cancer patients and survivors the fatigue specific resources they need."

The Untire self-management program provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use daily program comprised of the following features:

  • Education to better understand fatigue and deal with relevant issues such as anxiety and sleeping problems
  • Tips and reminders to improve lifestyle
  • Exercises for body and mind to reduce stress and increase energy levels
  • Online community for support and communication with CRF peers
  • Weekly reporting to keep track of energy levels and progress

“We are proud that we can provide this new resource, which is so important for cancer patients and healthcare providers," says Dr Kuiper. “There is now great interest, among patients, patient advocacy groups, hospitals, oncologists and nurses to use the app in blended care; the combination of regular medical treatments and online support.”

Source: Untire