New breast cancer recommendations published

12 Feb 2019
New breast cancer recommendations published

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) have announced the release of 17 new recommendations devised by The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC).

These recommendations address a variety of topics associated with screening and diagnosis and include:

• How frequent asymptomatic women (of all ages) who are not at high-risk of breast cancer should undertake periodic mammography screening.

• The most suitable way to invite women for screening and how to inform them of the associated risks and benefits.

• New strategies for effective communication amongst vulnerable groups, such as non-native speakers, socially disadvantaged women or those with intellectual disabilities.

• Specific examination techniques for suspicious lesions detected from mammography screenings.

• The implementation of innovative technologies to improve surgery procedures (e.g. the use of “clip marking” to increase the precision of breast tissue excision).

These recommendations align with the goals set by World Cancer Day – which focus on assisting policymakers and healthcare professionals in the planning, organisation and delivery of more effective and accessible breast cancer services.

It is also anticipated that these guidelines will enable women to become more informed about these diagnostic and screening services. 

Source: European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer