EACR invites Member participation in highly focused questionnaires

7 May 2010

The first of the six main eurocancercoms project areas will examine the information flow between basic scientists and other healthcare professionals.

To help identify the current obstacles, challenges and ultimately propose solutions, lead partner – the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR) - is inviting its Members to participate in the project.

How & When?

As a first step, EACR will be calling on members to provide essential information by completing an important questionnaire on communication issues. It will cover issues such as the ease of access to essential information, identify the barriers to good communication and the importance of web-based resources. Surveys for Student Members will have an additional focus on education.

The initial stage of information gathering, wider consultation and report writing is envisaged in the period leading up to the 21st Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research, EACR-21, 26 – 29 June 2010, Oslo, Norway.

Members and other participants attending the conference will be invited to join a consensus meeting to share thoughts on the initial findings. Members who are unable to join the Oslo meeting will also be consulted through other channels.


For more information and to register your interest in participating in the questionnaires as well as other eurocancercoms initiatives relating to this project area please contact EACR Administrator (Projects), Rachel Warden via email at: