International conference addresses issues affecting teenagers and young adults with cancer

22 Apr 2010

The Teenage Cancer Trust's groundbreaking conference on Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Medicine will run from 7-9 June 2010, at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

This is the sixth international conference on teenage and young adult cancer organised by Teenage Cancer Trust and is the only one of its kind in the world. The conference attracts delegates and speakers from around the globe, enabling health professionals to learn about recent developments in cancer for this age group and to share information and best practice. It has become known as the must-attend conference for those working in the field of adolescent cancer.

Highlights of this year's conference will include presentations and discussions around the HPV vaccine, its efficacy in preventing cervical cancer and its impact on the uptake of cervical screening. The conference will also cover key issues for adolescent cancer medicine including the epidemiology of melanoma, delays in diagnosing young people and the importance of securing young cancer patients entry into clinical trials. Discussions will also take place on the psychosocial impact of cancer on young people and the challenges of living with the disease.

Honorary Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology, University of Manchester, Tim Eden, said "Teenage Cancer Trust's International Conferences bring together leaders from multiple disciplines in the field of adolescent cancer. The conference provides a forum where experts can share key information on incidence and survival, types of tumours affecting young people and how to deliver optimal treatment. It also looks at how we can empower young people to be involved in their care.

"In short, the conference looks at all aspects of support and management for this group and the areas we need to research more to improve outcomes. It is a key opportunity for all those caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer."