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Robotic surgery in oncology

Guest Editors: B Rocco, G Albo and G Gaia

Robotic surgery is an advanced form of minimally invasive or laparoscopic (small incision) surgery where surgeons use a computer-controlled robot to assist them in certain surgical procedures. In recent years robotic surgery has become a new standard of treatment for many cancers including prostate, gynaecological and abdominal surgery. In the collection of papers in this special issue a global overview of existing robotic experiences is presented which demonstrates that there are multiple opportunities for robotics in the oncological setting.

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Special Issue articles

Special Issue: Transoral robotic surgery in the management of head and neck tumours

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.359

Special Issue: Robotic surgery of the liver: Italian experience and review of the literature

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.358

Special Issue: The role of the robotic technique in minimally invasive surgery in rectal cancer

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.357

Special Issue: Robotic bilateral inguinal lymphadenectomy in penile cancer, development of a technique without robot repositioning: a case report

Abstract | Full Article | PDF | Spanish Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.356

Special Issue: Robotic prostatectomy: an update on functional and oncologic outcomes

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.355

Special Issue: Robotics in uro-oncologic surgery

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 26 Sep 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.354

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