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New trends in brain metastases treatment

Guest Editor: Elisabetta Munzone

Brain metastases (BMs) represent a challenging clinical problem and both patients and clinicians are made apprehensive by their occurrence. In recent years, due to the improvement of surgical and radiotherapy techniques, the approach to BM treatment has been changing. In this special issue of ecancermedicalscience, researchers have focused their attention on the current surgical and medical approach for treating brain metastases.

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Watch Dr Elisabetta Munzone of the IEO, Milan, discuss the different approaches in the treatment of brain metastases covered in this Special Issue

Special Issue articles

Special Issue: Outcome and clinico-biological characteristics of advanced breast cancer patients with surgically resected brain metastases: a multidisciplinary approach

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 18 Apr 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.309

Special Issue: The role of surgical resection in patients with brain metastases

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 18 Apr 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.308

Special Issue: Breast cancer brain metastases: new directions in systemic therapy

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 18 Apr 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.307

Special Issue: The tumour is not enough or is it? Problems and new concepts in the surgery of cerebral metastases

Abstract | Full Article | PDF Published: 18 Apr 2013 / https://doi.org/10.3332/ecancer.2013.306

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