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INTEGRATE Evaluation Workshop

The Evaluation Workshop held at the premises of FORTH, in Heraklion, Greece, on Friday, June 13th, 2014 had the main aim to evaluate four tools developed in the context of the INTEGRATE project: the Patient Screening tool “Decima”, the Cohort Selection tool “Nona”, the Central Review of Pathology Images tool and the Analytical Platform tools.

INTEGRATE is another FP7 project in which Breast International Group (BIG) and other partners are also involved in addition to the EURECA project.

A panel of experts coming from around the world and representing potential end-users of these tools was invited to participate to the event. The panel comprised 2 oncologists, 1 research nurse, 3 bioinformaticians and 2 pathologists.

Throughout the workshop, qualitative and quantitative tests for tools’ evaluation were scheduled on parallel tracks. The tests usually consisted in an introductory part in which the scenarios and the functionalities of the tools were explained, followed by demos and sessions in which the tools were tested by the potential end users using real, anonymized patients data.

The tests were usually followed by discussions aimed at gathering constructive feedbacks from the experts. The experts were also given two short questionnaires: “Questionnaire A”, based on the ISO/IEC standard and focused towards end users, and “Questionnaire B”, consisting in a software usability test (SUS).

The experts confirmed the relevance of the use cases for which the four tools were developed and overall gave a positive feedback regarding the tools’ utility and functionality. The evaluation workshop also resulted in valuable suggestions for their improvement and their future development and deployment.

To learn more about INTEGRATE and the partners involved in this FP7 project, visit: www.fp7-integrate.eu



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