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Cancer Research UK response to new alcohol guidelines

Cancer Research UK is calling for greater investment in national campaigns to raise awareness of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer risk, following the announcement of new alcohol guidelines from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers.

Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK's expert on cancer prevention, said: “The link between alcohol and cancer is now well established, and it's not just heavy drinkers who are at risk. There is no 'safe' level of drinking when it comes to cancer – the less you drink, the lower your risk.

“Many people still don't know that alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer, including breast, mouth and bowel cancers. Drinking levels in the UK are almost double what they were in 1960, so it's vital we invest in national health campaigns to provide people with clear information about the health risks of drinking alcohol, particularly at levels above these new guidelines.”

“Much more needs to be done to reduce the impact of alcohol on health, and these guidelines are a welcome step in the right direction. Having at least two consecutive alcohol free days a week is a good way to start cutting back on the booze and it's better for your liver. Also try making every other drink a soft one or water, instead of an alcoholic one.”

Source: Cancer Research UK



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