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Mr Denys Wheatley

BioMedES, United Kingdom

Denys took his PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in London in 1963 and then joined Sir Alistair Currie in Aberdeen to set up an experimental division of the Department of Pathology at Aberdeen University, where he was based until 2005.  He has worked in the States and in numerous Cancer Research Institutes around the world. Apart from his work in Huggins’ DMBA-induced breast cancers in rats, he found primary cilia in the adrenals of these animals where some damage had occurred in the zona glomerulosa; this has lad to this organelle being intimately involved on over 40 pathological syndromes. Cell cycle control has been his mainstream work, with particular interest in protein synthesis and degradation in relation to cancer cell proliferation. In 1998 he developed a new treatment for cancer with Slobdan Tepic using the enzyme arginase 1.

Denys is chief scientific officer of BioCancer Treatments International. He is working on synergistic combination therapeutics in cancer allowing sub-clinical doses of drugs to be used that greatly reduce side effects. His other interests are in the kinetics of protein turnover and diffusion theory.

Denys has been Secretary General of the International Federation for Cell Biology before becoming President (2008-2012), He was Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Cell Biology International, between1 998-2014. He is Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Cell International and Oncology News and founded Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling.  He has run a biomedical editing service called BioMedES since 2000,with experts in healthcare, science, medicine and technology.  He also gives courses on writing and publishing of scientific papers. Apart from these many activities, Denys has recently founded with Dr Laurence Hou the Chouden Research Foundation in Hong Kong.

Denys received his DSc from Aberdeen University, is a visiting Professor at Wayne State Medical School in Detroit, and a Fellow of the Society of Biology and the Royal College of Pathologists. He has received three MD’s honoris causa, and a number of awards from other bodies for his contribution to science and medicine worldwide. After retiring 10 years ago from academic life, he remains busier than ever, with much involvement in art and music, playing the cello with the European Doctors and World Doctors Orchestra and Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra.

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