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Bull. Exp. Biol. Med. 2012 Oct 2012

Expression of Genes of Glutathione Transferase Isoforms GSTP1-1, GSTA4-4, and GSTK1-1 in Tumor Cells during the Formation of Drug Resistance to Cisplatin.

We studied the expression of genes encoding glutathione-S-transferase isoforms GSTP1-1, GSTA4-4, and GSTK1-1 during the development of the resistance of human erythroleukemia (K562), mammary adenocarcinoma (MCF-7) and ovary adenocarcinoma (SKOV-3) cells to cisplatin (CDDP). It was found that drug resistance development in all three strains of tumor cells is associated with significant increase in hGSTP1 and hGSTA4 gene expression, whereas increased hGSTK1 gene expression was detected only in resistant K562/CDDP and MCF-7/CDDP cells.

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