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OECI - About

ecancer is the official digital media partner of the OECI which represents 73 cancer Institutes across Europe. In terms of bed capacity, treated patients, research and medical staff the OECI is the biggest cancer organisation in Europe. The OECI encourages the transfer of knowledge and information across its members, to help support new and better cancer treatments, provide more comprehensive care and improve patients’ quality of life.

At present, only about 15% of European patients seems to be treated in a Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) of excellence, but every European has a right to receive the best treatment available. The OECI is helping promote excellence in cancer care by:

  • Implementing an accreditation-designation system that promotes quality and standards
  • Delivering educational programmes to improve medical training
  • Developing a European network of cancer bio-banks
  • Developing an excellence in diagnosis tool through the molecular patobiology working group
  • Promoting the use of “START in oncology”, the options of diagnosis and treatment OECI tool

OECI is committed to working with key players within Europe, such as ECCO, EACR ESMO, EORTC, ECPC and National Patients’ Associations, along with the American counterparts AACI

OECI and ecancer are working together to promote collaboration improving communication across Europe and building a bridge with the United States. The aim is to provide an interactive ‘one stop shop’ of information for the cancer community.

To download the PDF for further information about OECI click here http://www.oeci.eu/Documents/OECI_leaflet.pdf

Read the latest Newsletter from the OECI.

To contact the OECI please email: Claudio Lombardo, oeci@oeci.eu

The OECI regularly puts together an overview of the latest European RST&D Open Calls. Please click here to view the calls.

OECI - Education

The OECI aims to coordinate and implement the educational activities of its members by promoting the establishment of a European area for education and training in oncology, and stimulating tighter relationships among OECI members.

The OECI also aims to create a better connection with external bodies such as the European School of Oncology, the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).

Through the Education and Training Working Group’s plan of activities, the OECI hopes to help find practical answers to the Lisbon goals, tackling fragmentation in training, sharing knowledge and facilities among CCCs, facilitating the launch of new research initiatives, reinforcing existing successful actions, improving knowledge in new emerging fields and exchanging personnel with industries.

For more information click here.

OECI - Accreditation

The focus of the OECI is to work with professionals and organisations with regard to prevention, care, research, development, patient’s role and education. In order to fulfil its mission, the OECI initiated an accreditation project with three objectives:

  • to develop a comprehensive accreditation system for oncology care, taking into account prevention, care, research, education and networking.
  • to set an updated database of cancer centres in Europe, with exhaustive information on their resources and activities (in care, research, education and management).
  • to develop a global labelling tool dedicated to comprehensive cancer centres in Europe, designating the various types of cancer structures, and the centres of reference and excellence.

In September 2005, the OECI launched its Accreditation Project, with the Accreditation Working Group (AWG) taking the lead.

An accreditation tool has been established, defining standards and criteria for prevention, care, research, education and follow-up activities. A quantitative database of cancer centres is integrated into the tool, with a questionnaire, that provides an overall view of the oncological landscape in OECI cancer centres in Europe. Data on infrastructures, resources and activities has also been collected.

This OECI accreditation tool was launched for all cancer centres in Europe. It serves as a basis for the development of a labelling tool for cancer structures in Europe, with a focus on comprehensiveness and excellency labels.

For more information click here.

OECI - START (State-of-the-Art Oncology in Europe)

START (State-of-the-Art Oncology in Europe) is an online database for state-of-the-art knowledge about cancer diagnostics and treatment with a European perspective.

The objective of START is to create, maintain and spread a European database on diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of human malignant neoplasms, according to an evidence-based methodology.

START contains chapters on single human malignant neoplasms, as well as some chapters on cancer-related topics (antiemetic therapy, pain therapy, and more).

Start can be accessed here.

START has a number of internal Editors who follow each of the topics and oversee the process of their preparation and updating. The Scientific Committee, that oversees the advancing of the project, is made up of representatives from the Italian Alliance Against Cancer, representatives of the European scientific societies involved in the project and members of the Steering Committee.

Regular updating of each topic is carried out each year as agreed upon by the Editors and the Reviewers.

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