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A trial of chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer (SCALOP)

Tumour: Hepatobiliary pancreatic

A study looking at a system using mobile phones to help people cope with side effects of radiotherapy for lung cancer (ASyMS-R)

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial looking at zalutumumab for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Tumour: Head & neck

A trial looking at erlotinib after treatment for non small cell lung cancer (RADIANT)

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial looking at the effect of using a steroid cream to decrease the skin reactions caused by having radiotherapy

Tumour: Breast

A trial of MAGE-A3 ASCI after surgery to remove melanoma (DERMA)

Tumour: Melanoma & skin

A trial looking at ACVA for cancers that test positive for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) (PH1/099)

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A study looking at symptoms which could be caused by cancer coming back after treatment

Tumour: Breast

A trial of endobronchial ultrasound or endoscopic ultrasound to diagnose lung cancer and see how far it has spread (Lung-BOOST)

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial looking at interferon treatment for melanoma skin cancer

Tumour: Melanoma & skin

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