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Metaxa Cancer Hospital of Piraeus


The hospital was founded upon the generosity of Angelo Metaxas who, after his death in 1954, left his property to be used to establish a centre for the fight against cancer. Professor at the University of Athens, George Maridakis, and Nobel Laureate, George Papanicolaou, both helped to make the hospital a reality and on 17 November 1967 the first hospital services began to operate with 40 beds shared between nursing, diagnostic and technical departments. The centre expanded rapidly and by 1970 provided a total of 350 beds and 350-400 staff. The Pain clinic was established in 1987 and is now a fully integrated part of the institute, offering palliative care to the majority of patients. Nowadays, the hospital has three general oncological surgery departments which treat the majority (75 – 80%) of tumours, with a total of 82 beds. The Thoracic Surgery department hospitalises around 650 patients a year and performs approx 250 operations while also taking in around 600 out-patients a year. The Radiology department, alongside conventional technology, boasts 2 digital X-Ray machines, 1 mammography unit, 1 ultrasound and 1 CT spiral unit. The department also performs biopsies, special urinary and gastrointestinal examinations and interventional radiology procedures. The Radiotherapy departments utilise 2 linear accelerators, 2 cobalt 60 teletherapy machines in a Brachytherapy section, a radiotherapy planning unit with two computational machines. The Radiotherapy department also collaborates with the clinical nursing section to employ chemotherapy in conjunction with radiotherapy.


  • Bed numbers:
  • 2 Oncology units - 73 beds
  • Radiotherapy units - 44 beds.
  • Gastroenterology – 23 beds
  • Haematology – 25 beds
  • Clinical Endocrinology – 21 beds
  • Gynaecology – 30 beds
  • Thoracic Surgery – 34 beds
  • 3 Surgical Oncology departments – total 82 beds
  • Dermatology – 21 beds
  • Other details:
  • Oncology Day unit accepts 30-40 patients daily
  • 2 linear accelerators
  • Approx 550-600 haematology patients annually
  • Cardiology department reviews 100 patients daily
  • 642 gynaecological surgeries in 2001

Contact Details and Location

Mpotasi 51, 18537 Piraeus

Tel: +30 210 4284 444

Email: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=el&u=http://www.metaxa-hospital.gr/botom.asp%3Fm_id%3D5&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dwww.metaxa-hospital.gr%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26prmd%3Div&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&twu=1

Website: http://www.metaxa-hospital.gr

Founding partners

European Cancer Organisation European Institute of Oncology

Founding Charities

Foundazione Umberto Veronesi Fondazione IEO Swiss Bridge

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