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Breast Cancer CDK 4/6 Inhibitors - Module for Oncologists

This course is a collection of modules on breast cancer CDK 4/6 inhibition, developed to support the professional development of three distinct healthcare professions. The content is based on the presentations that were given during the Coming of Age for CDK 4/6 Inhibitors industry satellite symposium held at the ESMO 2016 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The objective of this satellite symposium was to establish and deliver a globally leading educational initiative that has a significant impact on clinical practice.

This module is suitable for oncologists interested in the latest developments and research in breast cancer.

Published August 2017.

Breast Cancer CDK 4/6 Inhibitors - Module for Oncologists
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Público destinatarios

This module is designed to support the professional development of oncologists.

Objetivos educativos

By the end of this module, you should  be able to:

  • Describe the mechanisms and clinical implication of endocrine resistance.
  • Define an evidence-based algorithm for the management of hormone-positive breast cancer progressing on an endocrine therapy.
  • Define a differential algorithm for primary and secondary endocrine-resistant breast carcinoma.  
  • Establish a paradigmatic sequential path of clinical utility to drive therapeutic decision-making of your working group.
  • Illustrate the hypothetical role of CDK4/6 inhibitors in neoadjuvant and adjuvant setting of care.
  • Assess adequately and treat early the preventable adverse events of CDK4/6 inhibitors with a special focus on neutropenia.

Requisitos del sistema

This module requires the learner to have a good, stable internet connection and runs best on INTERNET EXPLORER 7 AND ABOVE, and MOZILLA FIREFOX on either Windows or MacOS. FLASH ADD ON is also required to run this module.

If you are viewing this module on an iPad (through a browser), please download the free Articulate Mobile Player beforehand. Other tablet devices may not be compatible - please check for Flash compatibility.
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Política de divulgación

ecancer and everyone involved in the development of this module has no actual or potential conflict of interest whatsoever which impinges on the making, peer reviewing and dissemination of this e-learning module which was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer.


Production of this module was funded by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer.