New trial results and updates on CML, CLL and MDS

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Published: 21 Jul 2017
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Dr Javier Pinilla-Ibarz - Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida, USA

Dr Pinilla-Ibarz speaks with ecancer at the Best of ASCO meeting in Miami, to discuss reviewing new trial results and updates from ASCO 2017 on CML, CLL and MDS.

Today’s presentation in this post-ASCO Miami meeting is going to be about reviewing all the new results on CML and CLL as well as MDS. Pretty much I’m going to really discuss a few interesting presentations that were really done at Chicago last May. The first one is the new update of a new trial that is being revamped with a drug called Bosulif, bosutinib, and a randomised trial in comparison with imatinib.

The second one is the update, five years update, of another drug also being used in our practice. This drug is ponatinib, Iclusig, with a long-term follow-up in a very, very interesting trial that we’ve been following for the last year. [?? 0:50] and in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in this ASCO we have seen the four years update of the RESONATE trial that compared ibrutinib with ofatumumab as well as a new trial with a different monoclonal antibody, anti-CD20, ublituximab, in combination with ibrutinib in comparison with ibrutinib alone.

This is pretty much the concentration of the more interesting abstracts that were presented and in MDS this year was not really a significant advance so I won’t really discuss much about.