Cost constraints affect treatment decision-making in China and Singapore - expert discussion

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Published: 21 Mar 2014
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Prof Kurt Miller, Dr Li-qun Zhou and Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran

Speaking to ecancer from the Academy for Cancer Education (ACE) 3rd Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference (APPCC) in Shanghai, Prof Kurt Miller from Benjamin Franklin Medical Centre, Berlin, Germany, interviews Dr Li-qun Zhou from Peking University First Hospital, Bejing, China, and Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran from the National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore.

The experts first comment on which drugs are available in their respective countries for CRPC and how patients are routinely treated. This gives viewers an interesting perspective on differences and similarities around the globe.

They comment on the use of chemotherapy and agents such as abiraterone (which is not yet available in China), and the balance of efficacy, toxicity and cost. They focus on issues surrounding cost, with patients needing to pay for their own treatments in many countries, and how that affects treatment choice. 

They also discuss sequence of therapy, and the use of radium-223 in their respective countries.

The experts finally discuss which specialists are treating patients with prostate cancer, e.g. urologists vs. oncologists, how often they are reviewed and in which clinical setting they are managed, e.g. in- vs. out-patient therapy, in their respective countries. The value of multi-disciplinary teams in prostate cancer care is also emphasised.

This video is sponsored by an educational grant from Janssen Asia Pacific, pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson